Patt Dewenter is an experienced psychic medium who bridges two worlds and the energy between these worlds to communicate messages at your soul level. Messages from loved ones who have passed over, your Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and your higher self are communicated to you through Patt. You will hear meaningful, healing, and helpful information meant just for you.


"Thank you so much for giving me that reading. I was really impressed at how accurate you were. Isaac was too. You were right on with pretty much everything. I can't believe you knew I had placed a letter in my brother's graveā€¦thanks also for helping me cleanse my aura. I know it needs cleaning more often than it gets. Thanks so much. You were really great and I do want to see you again sometime soon".

- Lisa Poort -

"I came to Patt during a time of intense uncertainty about my soul's path. I had dozens of questions but didn't know how to ask -- I was so jaded that even articulating the words was difficult. But the minute I sat down with Patt I knew she understood. "Finally!", I thought. "A medium who GETS it".

Having always been in touch with the angelic realm, I was curious if she would get any messages or, at the very least acknowledge it. Well she certainly acknowledged it..and then some. Patt not only validated, she also told me exactly who my angelic guides are, how they work with me, and acted as the conduit which allowed them to actually connect with me. The experience was joyful, comforting, magical, powerful, visceral, and, best of all, true".

"There is no doubt in my mind that Patt is the 'real deal'. She is definitely embraced by the Divine".

- Amanda Degranges -