What is a Reading?

The desire to communicate with the dead is as old as humankind. While not often talked about, the vast majority of religions accept the concept of the afterlife in one form or another. The nature of communication between the worlds of the dead and the living tends to happen in one of two ways. One way is spontaneous contact by the dead reaching out to the living. The other way is to initiate contact from this side via a medium like myself.

As a reading starts and I tap into your energy to become the conduit for your messages, what is most important comes through to you. As a psychic medium, I can read several kinds of energy. All mediums have psychic abilities, but not all psychics are mediums. Mediums are able to communicate with the other side while psychics can not. Psychics answer earthly types of questions and concerns, but mediums can go beyond this and reach into the other world. My readings often end up as the combination of a psychic reading that addresses worldly concerns and a medium message from someone who has passed over to the spirit world. I connect with passed-over loved ones, pets, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Archangels. I provide messages, connections and validations of these for you during a reading.

Just as we have the motivation that we have to know how our lost loved one is doing, those on the other side of the veil often want to share with us that same information. The need to set things right often comes through in a reading. People are curious and surprised to find out who has been watching over them or watching over a loved one of theirs. We tend to call them a guardian angel, but don't confuse them with a guide or one of the Archangels making a visit into a reading.

Angels often do come into a reading and may show their energy directly to you. You will experience them in a manner that is hard to put into words, but you will know they are there with you. They come to heal, to give messages and to let you know they are working with you. Perhaps they are your Guide or have assisted you or a family member at some point in time.

Having a reading can help us learn, change and even accept current situations. It can make us something better than we are and help us to transcend ourselves. There may even be some way a reading can take us to a higher level of existence where we begin to understand in a deeper way our worlds, the rest of the world, our life purpose and our relationships to other people. It can bring a new meaning to ourselves and to our world as we currently know it.

The more open you are to hearing the messages and the higher your awareness is, the more intense the reading tends to be. Sometimes the healing that takes place is overwhelming. The potential to gain spiritual awareness, peace, calm and insight is great. Readings can empower and change your life. Most readings have that 'A-ha!' moment that you will never forget when a connection really does occur for you.

Many psychics and mediums are moving away from in-person readings, but I feel that it is a great gift to experience. As long as I am able to do so, I will always offer these types of readings. The ability to share these with others is so satisfying and gratifying that it's hard to explain it to those who have not experienced it.

Perhaps it is you that is ready for a message. Perhaps it is your child who needs help. Whatever your situation may be, when you feel the need deep in your soul to connect, it is time to act. Whatever brought you here, you have found the right place. Act upon those feelings. There is no coincidence in life. As Albert Einstein said, "Intuition does not come to an unprepared mind." You have found me. I invite you to see what a reading can do for you.

I love my work and honor it with all that I am. I take my work seriously and after many years as a traditional therapist, it warms my soul to reach out to people in this way.