Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a phone reading and an in-person reading?

Not a lot actually in terms of the information and messages that come though. I think people tend to believe it can't be the same, but really it is. It's natural for us to want to an experience like this to be 'live' when possible and I recommend that if you have that option. But in the end, a good reading is still a good reading no matter how it's conducted.

If I get a reading and I am not spiritual or religious, will my passed-over loved ones come through?

Absolutely. The issues of spirituality that we struggle with so much here on earth do not exist on the other side.

Do you really see dead people?

Yes I do, but they are not scary-looking people like you see in the movies. They look like they did when they were probably at their best to you. Sometimes they come in wearing something very specific to make a point. I see them all as souls of great energy that exist on another plane who are making a great effort to come and make themselves known to you.

Do you see pets?

Pets that you loved often are here when you arrive for an appointment. Some of those who wanted and got attention in life are still getting it over on the other side.

What is the most profound reading you ever gave?

I gave a reading to a man who was taking my dish network cancellation and it was not something either of us expected! I was making my third phone call in an attempt to cancel my service because on both previous calls I had become so frustrated with the staff in that department that I had hung up before I had my account fully canceled. As I was trying to get this accomplished for the third time, I suddenly realized that I had a message for the person on the other end of the phone from a spirit in my presence that turned out to be this man's father. It was a profound and moving reading. I realized afterwards, that his father made me call all those times until I finally connected with his son to get a message through to him. It will never be forgotten by me and I am sure that the man on the other end of the phone feels the same way.

They say that as we grow spiritually, our lives change dramatically. Is this true? Can a reading really be that powerful?

Yes. For some people, a new door really can open that far and that wide. I have seen people take a new path after a reading and return six months later as a completely changed person. Once a path starts, we all keep going. It's never ending.

Do you do email or IM readings?

No, I do not. While I definitely get information about you prior to a reading even with just a first name, hearing a voice is absolutely the best way to connect with your energy. Hearing your voice creates a connection to your personal energy which allows me to give you the best possible reading. Because I feel that you should have the fullest and most complete experience you can have, I choose not to pursue this avenue at this time.

Can I ask questions about the reading?

Yes, I always allow time for your questions. Typically this happens at the end of the readings.

Do you ever pick up on illness or issues I am struggling with physically or emotionally?

Yes, I do. Remember I read energy. We all have energy, this is what we are made of. Often I can hone in on issues you are experiencing, and assist you in finding ways to work with your own energy to improve your overall current situation.